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We have management teams permanently on site at every major data center hub in the country.


 You can be confident in a stable cloud presence with 100% uptime and infrastructure redundancy at all levels.


We get you up and running, then we keep you running.

Project Management

Project management requires a constant presence.  We're always on site making sure your project stays on budget and on task.  

Our managers have years of experience on the job and hundreds of installs under their belts.  Our teams have a reputation for efficiency and speed, and we set the industry standard for quality data center construction.

And you'll have us as a single point of contact for all your data center needs.


24/7 Post Build Support

The life of your data center begins when construction ends, and ongoing managed services are a must from day one.  Maintenance and tech support keep your data center fully operational, and this begins as soon as your data center goes live.

We provide 24/7 onsite post-build suport.  We know your data center inside and out because we built it, and we remain always onsite to handle anything that may arise.  With our managed services you get the best possible coverage for your ongoing data center needs.  


For you this means 100% uptime.  For us it's a happy customer.


Data Center Cleaning and Maintenance

Dust and data centers don't mix.  Technology works best in pristinely clean environments, and only experts in tech know how to keep delicate hardware clean and safe.


Don't trust your data center to third party cleaning crews.   

Our managed services teams use Micro-Forced Air and HEPA filtration to keep every inch of your data center clean and dust free day after day.


Seismic Retrofits 

Earthquakes can be devastating to a data center.  Personnel endangerment, lost uptime, and equipment damage can spell financial disaster.  Seismic retrofits can add safety and reliability to your existing data center.

We've been headquartered for two decades in Silicon Valley, one of the most seismically active regions on earth.  Our seismic planning and design is the best in the industry, and we offer multiple solutions, depending on your seismic risk.  


Patch/Power Cord Inventories

It's midnight on Sunday, and your data center needs a patch cord.  Will the cord be available?  Will there be someone there to install it?  With Direct Line there will be, every time.

Patch and power cords can sometimes mean the difference between uptime and downtime.  


That's why we stock full inventories of patch and power cords onsite in your data center.    

For you this means 100% uptime.  For us it's a happy customer.